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OCTOBER 16-17, 2019, EDMONTON  /  #ALIC2019

The Alberta Liquor Store Association in partnership with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and Connect Logistics will be hosting the annual Alberta Liquor Industry Conference (ALIC) in Edmonton, Alberta on October 16-17 at The Westin Edmonton Hotel. ALIC is an excellent opportunity for all sectors of the Alberta Liquor Industry to come together to participate in a one day conference to discuss topics of interest, network and learn about the new trends and products in Alberta.


For the eighth annual conference we will be celebrating Alberta’s liquor industry through seminars, panels, a trade show, and a keynote luncheon.

The conference provides opportunities to interact with industry representatives from the Alberta liquor industry and focus on the the unique entrepreneurial environment that has been able to flourish under the Alberta Model.


  • Expand your network and meet representatives from across the industry

  • Learn about new trends and products in Alberta

  • Experience engaging topics and informative panel discussions focussed on your unique entrepreneurial needs



The Alberta Liquor Store Association (ALSA) was formed in 1994 following privatization of Alberta's liquor industry.  The creation of ALSA was driven by two primary objectives, which were to provide its members with:


  • a unified voice for its members in their dealings with government, the public, the media and others in the liquor industry; and

  • a forum for the exchange of ideas, trends and leading practices that promoted customer service, industry well-being, and an industry code of ethics.


Since 1994, ALSA has grown to represent over 570 independent retail liquor stores from every community across Alberta.  Our diverse membership includes small, medium and larger-sized businesses, some of which have multiple locations.

ALSA continues to advocate to Government on behalf of our members on issues, including:

  • Maintaining the Alberta Model of Liquor Retailing of separate and distinct businesses

  • Ensure liquor mark-up remains lowest in country

  • Halt efforts by non-regulated premises to sell liquor products (i.e.: Convenience Stores)

  • Assist members with efficient resolution of issues with AGLC and Connect Logistics and partners


Our promise is to ensure responsible gaming and liquor choices that deliver economic and social benefit to Albertans. Driven by a bold and balanced approach, AGLC is a leader in creating progressive gaming and liquor experiences trusted and enjoyed by Albertans.

AGLC is committed to operating according to the following values:

  • INTEGRITY: We play by the rules, do the right thing and do what we say we’ll do.

  • RESPECT: We create an environment where each individual is valued and heard, and celebrate the diversity that makes us stronger.

  • COLLABORATION: Together we are better. Working as a team and with our partners we achieve extraordinary results.

  • INNOVATION: We imagine the possibilities. We challenge ourselves to look beyond what is to what can be.

  • EXCELLENCE: We are all leaders. We work with passion, pride and purpose and own our part in the success of the team


Connect is solely responsible for the warehousing and distribution of spirits, wines, coolers, and import beer in Alberta. Connect Logistics Services does not buy or take possession of any product. Instead, liquor suppliers and agents continue to own their product until it is sold.

Alberta’s unique liquor model has generated dramatic growth and led to the construction of a new liquor distribution centre. The facility is approximately 543,000 square-feet, with 473,000 square- feet of warehouse space and serves as the main Distribution centre for spirits, wine and imported beer.

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